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Hot rolled hr plate SM400B JIS G3106 HSLA steel plates 15mm plate with high quality

With equipment, technology, production technology, quality supervision and other leading advantages, we are leading in the production of all kinds of high-quality, high-tech medium, extra thick, extra wide steel plate SM400B JIS G3106 HSLA steel plates shaped parts. The cutting surface is smooth and clean, the cutting edge is neat, without secondary processing by users, and it can be installed and used directly according to the technical dimensions, with the characteristics of high coincidence rate of positive and negative tolerance and excellent quality. The processed steel products are mainly used in heavy machinery and equipment.

2020 October stock SM400B JIS G3106 HSLA steel plates product: 8*1800*10950, 16*2150*10950, 70*2270*7350, 6*2200*10000, 20*3200*4400, 20*2280*5800, 20*2100*10800, 70*2270*7000, 12*2050*5100, 20*3200*4400, 12*2000*11850, 14*2940*9600, 20*2150*10000, 70*2260*7700, 6*1950*10000, 12*2000*11850, 6*2200*10000, 14*2510*10950, 16*2150*10000, 70*2260*7240, 20*3200*4400, 6*2200*10000,20*2100*7000, 12*2500*8000, 20*2100*10750, 35*2200*6800, 12*2000*11850, 20*2100*7000, 31.2*2950*9380.

Zhengzhou BBN steel company was established in 2000. After more than ten years of development, it has formed a professional operation pattern integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. In recent years, SM400B JIS G3106 HSLA steel plates based on a high starting point and high technology, the company has vigorously developed various steel products SM400B JIS G3106 HSLA steel plates and deep-processed parts, steel structures, precision castings, seamless pipes.

SM400B JIS G3106 HSLA steel plates and Q690CF plate are hot rolled steel plates. The chemical composition of Q690CF steel is as follows: C: 0.05-0.08%, Si: 0.22-0.30%, Mn: 1.6-2.0%, Al: 0.2-0.35%, Cr: 0.10-0.35%, Mo: 0.20-0.35%, Ni: 0.1-0.4%, Cu: 0.15-0.3%, Nb: 0.025-0.045%, V: 0.01-0.03%, Ti: 0.005-0.03%, P ≤ 0.010%, S ≤ 0.008% by mass percentage, the remaining is Fe and unavoidable impurities.

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