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Q460C steel plate executive standard: GB / T1591 low alloy high strength structural steel standard and GB / T16270 high strength structural quenched and tempered steel plate standard.
JIS SM490YA HSLA steel plate, Q460C steel plate smelting method: the steel is smelted by converter or electric furnace, and can be refined outside the furnace if necessary. Unless the demander has special requirements and indicated in the contract, the smelting method is generally selected by the supplier.

JIS SM490YA HSLA steel plate product plate specification range: Thickness 3-150mm Width 1500-4020mm Length 4000mm-17000mm Heat treatment: annealing, or normalizing and tempering

Our company doesn't need the cheapest quotation to choose international logistics company, but the price performance ratio will be high, the service will be good, and the transportation must be safe and punctual, which will not affect the time when the JIS SM490YA HSLA steel plate goods arrive at the destination, and the logistics situation will be well communicated with customers in advance. Therefore, when we choose international logistics companies, we will have a look at their timeliness and service attitude in advance. It is only important to transport goods according to the requirements of customers for logistics.

The hardness of the steel plate is very high, so special equipment is needed to complete the processing and cutting of these materials, JIS SM490YA HSLA steel plate. In order to cut the plate into an ideal size, the steel plate cutting needs to use natural gas flame for preheating, which will generate a large amount of oxygen flow during the operation. These substances will oxidize the steel plate, and then form a cutting edge, then the cutting operation process is basically completed. In the actual processing work, there are many different classifications for steel plate cutting.

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